The Foundation Around the World

The Foundation Around the World

The Collodi Foundation promotes and develops partnerships and collaborations all over the world. The following activities are particularly of note:

  • Partner with Italian Cultural Institutes worldwide to organize exhibitions, festivals, and shows dedicated to Pinocchio. Recent initiatives include an exhibition at the Seoul Museum of History, sponsored jointly with the local Italian Cultural Institute (2017).

  • Cooperation protocol with the Societé Européenne de Culture—SEC 
    In 2017, the collaborative working relationship with this international historical association dedicated to issues of political dialogue became operational. In recent years, it underwent a significant reorganization, after which it left its long-standing Venetian headquarters. According to the protocol, the Collodi Foundation will house the SEC’s headquarters in Collodi and store its library materials (e.g., books and magazines). The Collodi Foundation will provide management and cultural support to relaunch the SEC's activities. Thus, the foundations are laid for a close relationship with the extensive pan-European network of political and cultural relations developed by the SEC. Furthermore, the purchase of Balducci House in Collodi will provide a suitable location for the SEC’s headquarters and library, creating a European culture meeting and research hub. After signing the protocol, the SEC’s first meeting was held in Collodi, at the Collodi Foundation’s headquarters, on 15–16 June 2016.
    The Collodi Foundation co-organized and largely financed the international conference L’esprit de la démocratie. Repenser les racines pour les enjeux futurs de l’Europe, held in Pistoia on 22–24 November 2017.
    Since 2018, the foundation has worked almost daily with the SEC to increase its business, importance, and internationally-recognized members. 

  • Pinocchio Park, Sokcho, South Korea: An agreement has been signed with the private promoters and financiers of the “Italia Renaissance Village and Pinocchio Park Theme Park”, which will be built in Sokcho, a popular holiday resort set between the mountains and the sea, about two hours by car from Seoul. The promoters want to unreservedly bring Italy’s main cultural style and content to the Korean public while maintaining a suitable leisure formula. Compatible with the Collodi Foundation’s approach to cultural dissemination, an agreement was signed regarding a joint cultural and scientific programming partnership and the licensing of the various brands.

  • Worked with the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles–IAMLA with plans for the exhibition Pinocchio: the Real Boy in 2021.

  • Active participating member in the European Route of Historic Gardens (ERHG). Established in Lloret de Mar (Spain) in 2016, the association brings together numerous historical gardens in Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Georgia. ERHG is engaged in an ambitious cultural project to reconstruct European history through its historical gardens and was recognized by the Council of Europe as a renowned Cultural Itinerary in October 2020.
  • Collaboration with the Municipality of Monteiro Lobato (Brazil), the city from which Brazil’s foremost children’s author and impressive translator of Pinocchio came. 

  • Participant in implementing the Pinocchio Village project, a  socially-oriented structure for disadvantaged children to be built in Malindi (Kenya). Specific points have been established to kick off the broad-based initiative. Contacts have been made with a Malindi-based group of Italian and Kenyan benefactors through the Associazione Mente in Arte in Pistoia (an AICS national affiliate) already working with them in a non-profit, joint venture. The latter will focus on space management to assist orphans and offer vocational training to adolescents. The project will be financed through profit-making tourism and educational activities in Malindi itself, launched by the local philanthropists. The operation has temporarily been named “Pinocchio Village”, for which the Hon. Bruno Molea, Honorary Consul of Italy in Malindi and the national AICS president, has expressed his support

  • Work with numerous international partners in the following projects funded by the European Union:   
    Lifelong Learning Programme: Comenius
    - PINOKIO (Pupils for INnOvation as a Key to Intercultural and social inclusion)
    Lifelong Learning Programme: KA4 Multilateral Projects
    - ARTES – ART as a vehicle for Education and Social inclusion
    Erasmus+ Projects (KA2, Strategic Partnership):
    - T&D Stories-Theatre and Digital Storytelling for Teaching and Training Development;
    - ARTinED online: A new approach to education using the arts;
    - Pinocchio Joins the Orchestra;   
    ERASMUS+ Project Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects (KA3):
    - META-Minority Groups Education through the Arts, for the development of innovative school policies adequate to promote social inclusion of minorities;
    - MOV-UP_Early Childhood Education - building sustainable motivation and value paradigm for life, for the formation of teachers of kindergarten and primary schools.