The Collodi Foundation’s mission is to promote in Italy and around the world a culture of and for children participating in all social dimensions and where they have the right to be integrated according to ways appropriate to their needs, skill levels, sensitivity, expression, and development.

One of the foundation’s primary objectives is to make Collodi the city of children. In short, Collodi would become a community based on children’s needs to make it both the European capital of childhood and the epicenter of the European Fairy Tale Route cultural itinerary.

Consequently, with the contribution of the foremost contemporary architects, the foundation has planned the Collodi Pinocchio Polycentric Park to accomplish a positive institutional process with the Council of Ministers’ Presidency, MIBACT, MIUR, MEF, MIT, the Tuscany Region, local authorities, and Invitalia.  (link to download the latest version of the PPCP project without budget.)

The foundation has already acquired all land and buildings for the project’s first functional parcel. It has created the Pinocchio Interactive Museum—MIP and taken over management of the Garzoni Historic Garden and Butterfly House. Pinocchio Park will shortly be expanded, first with a new Land of Toys, then followed immediately by the Pinocchio Educational Farm, both shovel-ready. Other works will follow to complete the project.

Furthermore, to strengthen its cultural partnership with Florence and re-introduce a Florence-Collodi tourist itinerary, the foundation contributed to the opening in 2019 of the Pinocchio Museum Experience in the heart of the Tuscan capital.



The Carabiniere by Pietro Consagra, Pinocchio Park