Art Exhibitions on Pinocchio

Art Exhibitions on Pinocchio


All kinds of exhibitions related to Pinocchio can be seen throughout the year at the Pinocchio Museum.: art (painting, sculpture, ceramics, and graphics), illustrations, theatrical costumes and equipment, souvenirs, and collectibles.

Before Pinocchio Park opened in 1956, neither children's literature in general nor The Adventures of Pinocchio, in particular, were considered suitable subjects to inspire art. Today, hundreds of artists (sculptors, painters, designers, graphic designers) have experimented with their talent and artistic languages on the themes and characters in The Adventures, following the example of the great names who worked on Pinocchio Park

Since 1993, the Museum's temporary exhibitions have brought thousands of works and authors to the park’s visitors.

The museum's exhibits also remind us of Pinocchio's presence in everyday life, through displays with various kinds of objects and materials: books, puppets, songs, film clips, posters, drinks, pen nibs, notebooks, and so on. the list of the daily "pinocchità" is infinite, and many collectors look everywhere for it.

And so as not to forget that Pinocchio came to life through a book popular worldwide, museum visitors can browse the Virtual Library using large touchscreen tables.

Among the recent exhibitions at Pinocchio Park, we point out the following

  • from 1 March 2018 on, the great exhibition Pinocchio at the Opera, in collaboration with Sinapsi Group;
  • 1 April–15 May 2018, the ETEGAMI exhibition, drawings by Japanese children of Italy and Pinocchio organized by the Italy-Japan Foundation;
  • Story of a Puppet—Antonio Montanaro, 6–14 July 2018. Exhibition of the ink illustrations contained in the book “Le avventure di Pinocchio” (Edizioni Di);
  • In the belly of the whale: the artist and writer Edward Carey at Pinocchio Park 12 July–2 September 2018. Exhibition curated by Alba Donati and promoted by the Collodi Foundation in collaboration with La Milanesiana directed by Elisabetta Sgarbi and with Fenysia–Scuola di Linguaggi della Culturama;
  • Luca Stella, Illustrations for Children. 24 November 2018–6 January 2019, 36 works by Luca Stella, children's book illustrator, artistic director of Kids Magazine, and creator of the comic strip "Tibia and Tubercolino", on display at Pinocchio Park;
  • Discovering the Art of Figurine-Makers with Pinocchio. Presentation at Pinocchio Park, during the 2018 Christmas holidays, of an artistic nativity scene in antiqued plaster made by Etruria Statue, Coreglia Antelminelli (LU), a company that keeps alive the ancient art of the master figurine-makers of the Middle Serchio Valley;
  • Mural inauguration and Oleoteca di Pinocchio project–food education (26 February 2019);
  • Wireless puppet by Marcello Scarselli (3–31 March 2019);
  • Currently Pinocchio by Clara Mallegni (March–April 2019);
  • Blind Pottery Light—Pinocchio. Exhibition for the visually impaired and people who are blind or deaf (28 March–2 June 2019);
  • Time-Traveling with Pinocchio by Gianfranco Anastasi (1 April–2 June 2019);
  • Pinocchio Recycled. Pinocchio in recycled material for a month’s long celebration of Earth Day (April-June 2019);
  • Traveling with Pinocchio by Franco Marconcini (8 June-14 July 2019);
  • Pinocchio, The Stuff of Dreams by Francesco Siani (7 April-30 June 2019);
  • Pinocchio from Russia. The puppet through the eyes of two Russian artists, curated by Antonio Attini (15 July–15 September 2019).

Among the recent exhibitions at the Garzoni Garden, please note:

  • Ladies and Ancient Abodes, expressionist paintings by Margherita Blonska Ciardi;
  • Maria Rita Vita’s exhibition of paintings and artistic creations (fans, scarves, and objects that reproduce images of Life) at the Garzoni Historic Garden;
  • sculpture exhibition by Antonio Nocera;
  • exhibition of works by Giampiero Poggiali Berlinghieri.
  • Exhibition of artist's nativity scenes from the world over were on display at the Garzoni Garden in Collodi from Saturday, 8 December 2018–Sunday, 6 January 2019. Exhibition of twenty nativity scenes from around the world: San Marino, Paraguay, Italy, Iceland, Australia, Montenegro, the Philippines, Greece, Canada, Finland, Poland, Austria, France, Vatican City, Peru, Haiti, Czech Republic, Andorra, Chile, and Spain.

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