Partnerships and Collaborations

Partnerships and Collaborations

> Territorial marketing development and management of the “Pinocchio’s Tuscany” project with Sviluppo Turistico Collodi srl and in collaboration with the Municipality of Montecatini Terme, mainly through the activities of the “From Leonardo to Pinocchio” project. Consequently, the Valdinievole Open Week was held from 15¬–25 April 2017, 31 March–8 April 2018, and 21–28 April 2019.

> Pinocchio Park in Sokcho, South Korea: An agreement has been signed with the private promoters and financiers of the “Italia Renaissance Village and Pinocchio Park Theme Park”, which will be built in Sokcho, a popular holiday resort set between the mountains and the sea, about two hours by car from Seoul. The promoters want to unreservedly bring Italy’s main cultural style and content to the Korean public while maintaining a suitable leisure formula. Compatible with the Collodi Foundation’s approach to cultural dissemination, an agreement was signed regarding a joint cultural and scientific programming partnership and the licensing of the various brands.

> Partnership with the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles–IAMLA to organize an exhibition dedicated to Pinocchio for 2022.

> Partner with Italian Cultural Institutes worldwide to organize exhibitions, festivals, and shows dedicated to Pinocchio. Recent initiatives include an exhibition at the Seoul Museum of History, sponsored jointly with the local Italian Cultural Institute (2017). 

> Active participating member in the European Route of Historic Gardens (ERHG). Established in Lloret de Mar (Spain) in 2016, the association brings together numerous historical gardens in Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Georgia. ERHG is engaged in an ambitious cultural project to reconstruct European history through its historical gardens and was recognized by the Council of Europe as a renowned Cultural Itinerary in October 2020.

> Collaboration with the Municipality of Monteiro Lobato (Brazil), the city from which Brazil’s foremost children’s author and impressive translator of Pinocchio came

> Participant in implementing the Pinocchio Village project, a  socially-oriented structure for disadvantaged children to be built in Malindi (Kenya). Specific points have been established to kick off the broad-based initiative. Contacts have been made with a Malindi-based group of Italian and Kenyan benefactors through the Associazione Mente in Arte in Pistoia (an AICS national affiliate) already working with them in a non-profit joint venture. The latter will focus on space management to assist orphans and offer vocational training to adolescents. The project will be financed through profit-making tourism and educational activities in Malindi itself, launched by the local philanthropists. The operation has temporarily been named “Pinocchio Village”, for which the Hon. Bruno Molea, Honorary Consul of Italy in Malindi and the national AICS president, has expressed his support. 

> Agreement with the Laura Orvieto Foundation and the Gabinetto Letterario Vieusseux to promote and globalize the Laura Orvieto Literary Prize.

> Partnership with UNICEF Italy and the photographer Giacomo Pirozzi to create a series of images highlighting the worldwide relationship between children and Pinocchio for the exhibition-event Pinocchio Around the World.

> Pinocchio makes the difference—Pinocchio makes energy—Pinocchio makes the environment better: in partnership with COSEA Ambiente, a consortium of local municipal waste-treatment facilities, for an environmental education program with a second cycle carried out by primary schools. The plan includes a learning project on recycling for the third-year class, energy savings and renewable energy for the fourth-year class, and respect for the environment and social life for the fifth-year class.

> the Collodi Foundation, with Giunti Editore, as shareholder in Dantocchio srl,. The company created the “Pinocchio Museum Experience” Family Edutainment Center (FEC) located on Via Ricasoli, 44 in Florence. The museum opened on 1 June 2019, offering visitors an interactive multimedia experience to promote an international symbol of Italian culture in its city of origin and increase the synergy between Florence and the foundation’s activities in Collodi, with Pinocchio Park chief among them.

> Association with the Pescia Lions Club (since 2002) to confer the Lions-Pinocchio Award in recognition of the dissemination of Pinocchio around the world.
The most recent winners are:
-    Silvano Campeggi, for his pictorial work (2017);
-     Sergio Giunti, for his publishing business (2018);
-     Pupo, for his show on Pinocchio (2019).

> Together with ISTI–CNR, an internship was made available using European funds managed by the Tuscany Region to explore new ways of seeing Pinocchio Park in person and remotely, with meaningful specializations in the research and application of various types of virtual and augmented realities.

> Scientific cooperation between the Collodi Foundation, the municipality of Pescia, and the University of Florence’s Department of Architecture for research and initiatives on the Garzoni Historic Garden and Villa Garzoni. The partnership resulted in an extensive, in-depth study on the management and maintenance of this national monument.

> Scientific cooperation between the Collodi Foundation and the University of Florence’s Department of Architecture for research and initiatives on the former Panigada Paper Mill concerning provisions for its use by the Collodi-Pinocchio Polycentric Park.

> Framework agreement with the Humanitas University Consortium to implement ordinary scientific and didactic activities.

> Collaboration agreement with Lucca Crea and Book On a Tree for artistic residencies for young writers of children's literature and for the Collodi Foundation’s attendance at Lucca Comics & Games;

> Collaboration agreement with SINAPSI GROUP for the Pinocchio at the Opera project, also joined by the towns of Parma and Pescia, the Teatro Regio di Parma Foundation, the Arrigo Boito Conservatory of Parma, the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation, the Niccolò Paganini Association of Parma, and the Friends of Paganini Association. As part of this initiative, the Collodi Foundation has prepared an application for the MIBAC’s Italian Council Project to organize exhibitions abroad that use Pinocchio to introduce opera to young people.

> Cooperating with the Associazione Terzo Tempo and Associazione Teatro Che Cammina in Pescia for the “Wireless Pinocchio Street Festival” (Collodi): a fabulous annual event with theater, circus, music, and popular entertainment in the streets and squares.

> Collaboration agreement with the Oleoteca Villa Campestri, an olive-oil tasting room.

> A memorandum of understanding with MIUR is currently being defined to promote and implement activities to disseminate nationally and internationally Carlo Lorenzini/Collodi’s work, particularly The Adventures of Pinocchio, as well as to develop and conduct educational and training projects using the Pinocchio character and the positive values it represents.

> Work with Garda Museums as a supporting member.

> Collaboration with local upper secondary schools for work-study projects.
Partnerships with the world of sport:

Pinocchio on Skis collaboration (international youth competition since 1983), organized by FISI and Pinocchio-Pescia Ski Club.

  • Pinocchio with a Bow—2015 Pinocchio Trophy partnership (since 2010, competition linked to the National Youth Games, in collaboration with FITARCO nationally).
  • Worked on the 2015 Pinocchio with a Racket (a youth tennis competition since 2012) in partnership with the Lucca AICS— Provincial Committee.
  • “Pinocchio By Bicycle” Sponsorship to promote bicycles as a means of transport and an amateur sport among pre-teens, respecting road safety guidelines. In conjunction with the  Italian Cycling Federation (FCI).
  • in cooperation with the Novella di Fondo (TN) Running Club, the launch and development of snowshoeing and organization of a Pinocchio-themed competition focused on local schools.
  • Pinocchio on Cross-Country Skis, in cooperation with ASD OLIMPIC LAMA of Lama Mocogno (MO) (new event).
  • Pinocchio on the Green partnership (since 2002, national youth golf championship).
  • Memorandum of understanding with Italian Culture Sports Association (AICS) for sports education and via sports with Pinocchio as its ambassador. The relationship, extended to all AICS clubs in Italy, seeks to promote people's education as citizens of the world, encourage social cohesion and social tourism, and support joint events and projects to enable children to develop in a well-balanced way.