Research activity

Research activity

> Research on the status of the arts as languages and teaching tools in European school systems and on using some art forms for social inclusion within the European META, T&D Stories, and ARTinED Online projects.

> Promotion and academic support for The Complete Works of Carlo Lorenzini, the fifth book published in two volumes.

> Cooperation protocol with the Societé Européenne de Culture–SEC.
In 2017, the collaborative working relationship with this international historical association dedicated to issues of political dialogue became operational. In recent years, it underwent a significant reorganization, after which it left its long-standing Venetian headquarters. According to the protocol, the Collodi Foundation will house the SEC’s headquarters in Collodi and store its library materials (e.g., books and magazines). The Collodi Foundation will provide management and cultural support to relaunch the SEC's activities. Thus, the foundations are laid for a close relationship with the extensive pan-European network of political and cultural relations developed by the SEC. Furthermore, the purchase of Balducci House in Collodi will provide a suitable location for the SEC’s headquarters and library, creating a European culture meeting and research hub. After signing the protocol, the SEC’s first meeting was held in Collodi, at the Collodi Foundation’s headquarters, on 15–16 June 2016.
The Collodi Foundation co-organized and largely financed the international conference L’esprit de la démocratie. Repenser les racines pour les enjeux futurs de l’Europe, held in Pistoia on 22–24 November 2017. 
Since 2018, the foundation has worked almost daily with the SEC to increase its business, importance, and internationally-recognized members.

> The Carlo Collodi National Foundation applied to establish a national committee for the Charter of Children’s Rights centennial, with initiatives to reaffirm the relevance of the charter’s values and increase institutional, social, and scholastic implementation of these values. The planned activities should have taken place in 2019 and 2020 but were postponed because of Covid-19.