Today the Collodi Foundation:

  • owns and manages the Pinocchio Monumental Park, where numerous events are organized daily: narrative paths, recreational-educational workshops, and puppet shows for all visitors, with the possibility of special activities for school groups;
  • owns and manages the Garzoni Historic Garden, a national monument, and the Butterfly House, which handles such educational and cultural activities, as gardening workshops for children and the Botanical Treasure Hunt;  (www.pinocchio.it)
  • has purchased and restored as its headquarters Villa Arcangeli in Collodi, where institutional business and cultural planning are carried out. The villa also houses the offices of the International Collodi Academy training agency and the Collodian Library, including an extensive collection of works by Carlo Lorenzini. In addition, it has participated in the SBN–Library System since 2014;
  • oversees activities related to guidance, training, and critical thinking alongside educational and research initiatives in the fields of education, childhood culture, schools, literature, and the arts;
    disseminates and develops childhood and adolescence culture through parents, teachers, educators, and social/communication workers. Working with organizations, agencies, associations, Italian and international public and private foundations, and private and public enterprises toward this end;
  • encourages projects and actions to ensure that the rights are protected of children and families within Italy and also as regards similar situations in Europe and the world;
  • undertakes research programs on young people’s life- and learning styles; their professional, cultural, and civic training; and the national, European, and international policies that affect them;
  • promotes initiatives for developing cross-cultural integration;
  • organizes international exhibitions, events, and festivals;
  • plans conferences on various topics;
  • has promoted the Complete Works of the Works of Carlo Lorenzini (click here for the project plan)
  • frequently publishes or sponsors books;
  • maintains cooperative relationships with multiple Italian and foreign partners

(Click here for cultural activities from the last three years)

villa e giardino

The Garzoni Historic Garden and Villa