The Collodi Foundation’s traveling exhibitions

The Collodi Foundation’s traveling exhibitions

The Collodi Foundation is also involved in organizing traveling art exhibitions or cultural promotions dedicated to Pinocchio. They are sent on request to cultural institutions, schools, libraries, and study centers in Italy and abroad. The following exhibitions are worth noting:

  • Expo Shanghai (2010);
  • Year of Italian Culture in the USA (2013);
  • Expo Milan (2015);
  • Quasi Pinocchio exhibition-show in San Miniato (2016);
  • Seoul Museum of History, in collaboration with the local Italian Cultural Institute (2017).
  • From Geppetto’s Woods to Sigfrido Bartolini’s Wood. In Palazzo di Giano, Pistoia, and in Soave (2017-2018);
  • Pinocchio's Jewels in Casalmaggiore (2018);
  • Pinocchio, the Real Boy at the IAMLA-Italian-American Museum in Los Angeles (scheduled for 2022).

Recently the foundation acquired the large exhibition “I Am Pinocchio”, with 36 original paintings by the master artist Silvano Campeggi, who created posters for Hollywood’s greatest films for decades. The paintings show Pinocchio as the lead in famous films alongside other movie stars. The exhibition is part of the “Pinocchio–Tournée” catalog of the Collodi Foundation’s traveling exhibitions
(click to download the "Pinocchio Tournée" catalog of traveling exhibitions))

For more information on leasing the exhibitions, please email

pinocchio e marylin

One of the paintings in the exhibition “I Am Pinocchio” by Silvano Campeggi.